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Tested for real

Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

Cutting-edge workwear requires cutting-edge testing. And nothing beats reality. Of course we work closely with the best test laboratories and institutes in Europe to ensure that our garments meet your expectations.

XTR Shield But for us, the ultimate tests are carried out by our Test Crew – demanding and hard-working professionals who really put our prototype garments and new designs to the test.

They evaluate everything from functionality, comfort and protection to quality and durability. And they do it the only way that counts: at work, sometimes for months and in every type of climate and weather. Ranging from the Arctic winters of northern Scandinavia to the heat of southern Europe.

They never settle for a compromise. If the design needs to change they say so. We adjust the garment and they try again, until every detail is in place. Only then is it a true Snickers Workwear garment – one that truly works for real.

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