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Turn down the heat

Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

For you to stay cool, sharp and comfortable in warmer weather the choice of workwear matters a lot. To perform your best, your workwear need to offer great ventilation, be made of material that dry fast and still offer the protection you need. Prepare yourself for hot days at work.

Original Pirate Trousers with maximum ventilation and amazing work shorts with all the pockets you need are just two examples.


Snickers Workwear Turn down the heat

Our high-tech A.V.S. fabric features an innovative blend of polyester and bamboo carbon. The bamboo is ground down to nano-size, one millionth of a millimetre, and blended with the polyester fibre.

The result is a highly breathable material, giving you exceptional moisture transport, UV protection and anti-odour comfort.


Our UV-protected garments have a UPF(Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 40+ or 50+to help protect your skin from the sun.


Soft fabric designed to transportmoisture away from your bodyhelping you to stay cool and dry.

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