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Grip, touch and protection

Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

Your hands are your most important tools, so we want to give them the best. But what goes into great gloves? With our wide range of advanced work gloves you can count on the ultimate combination of functionality, durability and protection to match your job.


Many gloves fit different kinds of work. Most important is that the pair you pick fits on your hand. Make sure you get the right size to ensure the right balance of precision, comfort and protection. Here are three things to reflect upon when making your choice:

How do you work? Rough, needing a steady grip and thick padded protection, or fine precision
work where fingertip touch and flexibility is top priority?

What’s your hand like? Long or short fingers, thick or thin?

How durable do you need the gloves to be? Our gloves are made to last. But if you change gloves often because they get dirty, a simpler model might be the solution for you.

Fit to perform

“Your hands are your most important tools! That´s why we set the bar high and focus on every single detail to create the perfect gloves.

To create the perfect fit we studied every single detail of the hand, and in particular how craftsmen use their hands. This knowledge is reflected in every seam and cut in our gloves. Sculptured for the shape of your hand with smart details such as pre-bent fingers, offering a natural resting point.

Balancing the needs for protection, precision and comfort is a big challenge. Thinner gloves, mainly from our Precision family of gloves, facilitates fine work, whereas gloves from our Power family are more suitable for rougher work situations

Today, we offer a selected range of different gloves. Easy to evaluate, yet wide enough to offer you the right gloves for your job.”

Cecilia Bergsten, Product Developer for Gloves at Snickers Workwear.

Check out our gloves range!

Power gloves - for heavy duty work

The workhorse gloves for heavy duty works like carrying, loading and tearing. The unique curved shape gives a strong and secure grip. Sophisticated patterns and durable materials create a comfort and protection never seen before.

Power gloves

Precision gloves - when demanding dexterity

Light and flexible gloves with emphasis on dexterity and fit. Perfect for precision work. The flexible materials on the dorsal side of the hand, knuckle protection, cushioning and reinforcement prints provide optimal protection and dexterity.

Precision gloves

Specialized gloves - with unique functions

Gloves optimised for very specific tasks. With the best possible materials and unique functions. Each glove is geared to provide the ultimate dexterity, protection and comfort for each individual hand and the task at hand.

Specialized gloves

Weather gloves - keeps your hands warm and dry

Gloves for work in rough and cold weather. Advanced materials provide greater dexterity, friction and grip even in wet, cold and slippery conditions. These are the gloves that keep your hands warm and protected no matter what weather you work in.

Weather gloves

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