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Workwear Tested for real.

Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

The Snickers Workwear test crew is our ultimate source of inspiration. They challenge us every day. Which is why we are constantly pushing the creative and technological limits in the development of cutting-edge work wear.

Imagecaption=Henry Lundberg | Manager Product Management Snickers WorkwearCutting-edge work wear requires cutting-edge testing. And nothing beats reality. Of course we work closely with the best test laboratories and institutes in Europe to ensure that our garments meet your expectations.

But for us, the ultimate tests are carried out by our Test Crew – demanding and hard-working professionals who really put our prototype garments and new designs to the test, evaluating everything from functionality, comfort and protection to quality and durability. They do it the only way that counts: at work, sometimes for months and in every type of climate and weather.

Ranging from the arctic winters in northern Scandinavia to the heat of southern Europe. And they never settle for a compromise. If the design needs to change they say so. We adjust the garment and they try again, until every detail is in place. Only then is it a true Snickers Workwear garment – that truly works for real.Test crew

A revolutionary design, but will it really perform the way we expect, in every possible on-the-job situation?

Our test reports are the ultimate source for honest answers. Filled in by hard-working craftsmen who really put our new prototypes to the test, giving us first-hand feedback on what works and what doesn't. Allowing us to adjust and fine-tune the design until it truly performs just the way we expect. For real.

Authentic Test Protocol from a carpenter in Norway who tested early prototypes of the XTR Shield jacket and trousers:

Comment: Double front pockets are not functional.
New design with large zipped pockets.

Comment: Good waist adjustment, but oversized fit.
Solution: Adjusted design and fit. Waist adjustment no onger needed.

Comment: Miss hook and loop fastener and delete thumb grip in sleeves.
Solution: Deleted thumb grip. Elastic inside cuffs to keep cool air out.

Comment: Too stiff fabric in front pockets.
Solution: Jacket reinforced with lighter Super Fabric® than used on the trousers.

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