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40 years of innovation.

Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

During 2015, Snickers Workwear is celebrating 40 years as the leading brand when it comes to cutting-edge workwear for professional craftsmen throughout Europe.

The anniversary will be characterised by exciting launches of innovative products designed for the proud and professional craftsman. Highlight launches include a completely new Service Line and new D3O® kneepads.


With a solid and unique history of providing a proud workforce of professional craftsmen with high quality clothing, the 40-year anniversary marks a milestone in Snickers Workwear’s history of innovation.

Snickers Workwear was founded by electrician Matti Viio, who lost his cool in 1975 because his work clothes just were not good enough. Since then, Snickers Workwear has developed workwear for craftsmen’s specific on-the-job needs, providing a completely new level of safety, protection and functionality. Among the innovations that have challenged the workwear industry are cutting-edge solutions such as holster pockets, kneepad pockets, the multi-functional toolvest and 3D-designed workwear.

Now, 40 years after it all started, the Snickers Workwear brand continues to be a beacon of reliable workwear, serving a workforce of craftsmen in more than 20 markets.

- It is with pride and excitement that we begin the celebrations of Snickers Workwear’s anniversary. Our history is full of ground-breaking innovations, a heritage we manage with a great deal of respect. Not only have our R&D changed the industry, but it has improved the
working environment for craftsmen by truly adapting our products to their needs, says Fritjof Henmark, Assortment Manager at Snickers Workwear.

The 40-year anniversary will start with two big news. First, a completely new Service Line with contemporary design and amazing fit and comfort will be introduced. In addition, brand new advanced kneepads will hit the market, featuring high-tech D3O® Lite material. During the fall Snickers Workwear will announce an even bigger launch, details of which remain a secret for a while. 

- The 40-year anniversary will undoubtedly be characterised by Snickers Workwear’s spirit of innovation. Several product launches will be announced which will demonstrate technological advanced and functional protection and garments, as well as the depth of the company’s
catalogue. We look forward to launching the biggest product news from the company for the last decade. Make no mistake that we will keep you posted in due time, says Fritjof Henmark.


Published 19 March 2015.

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