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Latest news from Snickers Workwear

Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

Below you find the latest news from Snickers Workwear.

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  • New colours

    Hard-working craftsmen like you deserve the best. Advanced workwear that not only matches your skills but also expresses your capability and dedicated attitude to your job. Like the latest collection…

  • New generation flame resistant work clothes

    Snickers Workwear now launches a new collection of flame resistant work clothes, making the craftsman's job both safer and more efficient. All garments also offer the same comfort, as expected by…

  • Windstopper keeps cold out and regulates heat

    Now Snickers Workwear launches a Soft Shell Jacket and a Fleece Jacket in Windstopper-material, resistant to cold and absolutely wind proof. It also features a unique breathable quality keeping the…

  • Snickers Workwear’s ultimate Allweather Jacket

    All craftsmen can prepare for the rainy and windy days of autumn with the new XTR Gore-Tex Allweather Jacket from Snickers Workwear. Developed for harsh conditions the jacket also transports moisture…

  • New ergonomic hammer holder

    New Hammer holder from Snickers Workwear. Ergonomic design keeps the hammer angled away from the leg and out of the way. The design gives easy access to the hammer and accommodates most hammers in…

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