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Prestigious design award for Hultafors Group.

Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

Three gloves from Snickers Workwear new venture Left & Right Gloves have been awarded the Red Dot Design award by an international jury. In tough competition the gloves Specialized Tool, Specialized Impact and Power Grip received the award for excellent design and function.

Snickers Workwear red dot design award news- We are very proud and happy for the price. There is a lot of hard work behind this, says Joakim Hedelin, Director New Business at Hultafors Group Red Dot design award is considered the world's most prestigious and's prestigious design competitions. The red dot is a symbol of innovation, functionality and quality. In this year's competition 4,815 contributions from nearly two thousand manufacturers and 53 countries were evaluated.

- This shows that we stand up well against the international competition, says Joakim Hedelin. The way we continually question old truths in order to improve the daily lives of craftsmen, is our path to success.

The new work gloves are part of a new concept from Snickers Workwear that revolutionizes the way to sell and by work gloves. Left & Right Gloves are sold one by one, as the gloves often are worn out in different ways and at different times. One glove is almost always used up before the other that can often be whole. Making it is unnecessary to replace both gloves. Left & Right Gloves also looks at the different needs left and right hands have. Different work tasks also set various demands on left and right hands gloves, such as the protection and dexterity.

- When we decided to develop new work gloves for increasingly demanding craftsmen, we decided to start with a thorough analysis of how craftsmen work and use gloves, says Cecilia Bergsten, Product Developer at Hultafors Group. In this way, we've developed a unique fit and optimum performance for every task. That the world's most prominent designers also like the design is really gratifying, says Cecilia Bergsten.

Specialized Tool, art no: 9597 / 9598
Specialized Impact, art no: 9595 / 9596
Power Grip, art no: 5957 / 9558

Published 02 June 2014.

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