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Snickers Workwear introduce hybrid garments in stretch

Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

For the Autumn/Winter season 2018 Snickers Workwear launch a full stretch set. 6940 FlexiWork, Softshell Stretch Trousers and 1940 FlexiWork Softshell Stretch Jacket is the optimal choice for outside work that demands maximum mobility.


The stretch set has a unique fabric composition – combining four fabrics for a better performance. The Schoeller® Softshell 4-way stretch gives the garment wind protection and comfort. For extra comfort and ventilation, a double weave 4-way stretch has been used in the front panels. To ensure durability Armortex® Kevlar reinforced stretch has been used on the arms and knees and on the lower legs a 3-layer Cordura® guarantee protection against water.

“By combining different fabrics in the garments, we make sure the best features of each fabric are maximised. Our workwear set in full stretch follows the body’s movements perfectly optimising your ability to move and use your full potential,” says Tobias Rantzén, Assortment Manager at Snickers Workwear.


Stretch is added to workwear to give maximum freedom of movement. It is also added to specific areas of the garment to facilitate ventilation and comfort. The stretch is either placed in the bending directions or where the body expands. For example, it can be placed on the arms, on or above your knees to optimise movability. Using stretch fabrics also opens for a slimmer fit on the workwear.

“By using stretch we can tailor the garments to a slimmer fit, which not only results in a new look but it also reduces the risk of clothing getting caught in machinery. This is really stretching the limits for the workwear industry and will lead to a higher level of comfortable workwear. Stretch is definitely here to stay,” says Tobias Rantzén, Assortment Manager at Snickers Workwear.

Published 05 October 2018.

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