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Launch of the next generation of work trousers

Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

For more than two years now Snickers Workwear has been working on the development of the company’s biggest venture ever: an entirely new generation of work trousers for professional craftsmen. Behind the launch lies immensely precise preliminary work involving interviews, workshops and tough tests.

The result is a totally fresh concept featuring different trouser families 
that will set an entirely new benchmark on the market. The first of the latest range to hit the market in autumn 2015 are the RuffWork and FlexiWork work trousers.

It’s been almost ten years since Snickers Workwear revolutionised the industry with the launch of its 3-series work trousers that today are true classics. Now the company is celebrating 40 years and is focusing on once again demonstrating its leading position by launching the next generation of work trousers and with them a range of innovative features. Thanks to comprehensive preliminary work and in-depth interviews and workshops followed by advanced design work and a particularly tough product testing regime, the company is convinced that the new trousers have precisely the properties that craftsmen really want and need.

- "We’re immensely proud of everything we’ve developed with these new trousers. First and foremost they are extremely comfortable and will take working comfort to an entirely new level. They have a modern design and excellent fit that offers fantastic freedom of movement. Thanks to the pre-bent legs the wearer can move freely and change position from kneeling to standing", says Fritjof Henmark, Assortment Manager at Snickers Workwear.

- "From the purely practical viewpoint this means there’s no need to keep hitching up your trousers whenever you want to kneel on one knee. The trouser leg simply follows your movement in a natural and comfortable way and delivers protection exactly where it’s needed”, says Fritjof Henmark.

With the new trousers comes a whole range of new solutions for enhanced comfort and function. Everything from new combinations of materials and stretch fabrics to smart ventilation and KneeGuard Pro, which is Snickers Workwear’s new generation of advanced knee protection. 

One insight that Snickers Workwear gained when they interviewed craftsmen was that many professionals found it difficult to pick the right model in the huge range of work trousers. What is more, it turned out that many craftsmen did not need all the advanced functions that until now have always been included on all work trousers from Snickers Workwear.

Therefore, the new work trousers have yet another important feature: it is very clear and easy to understand what each trouser family represents and the jobs for which it is suited. The new trousers are available in up to three versions with different levels of functions to meet different needs. 

First off the mark is the launch of the RuffWork and FlexiWork trouser families. RuffWork trousers are hardwearing and developed for tough jobs in demanding environments. There is also a denim version for those who like the jeans look. FlexiWork are extremely flexible high-tech trousers in a stretch material for maximum freedom of movement. 

− "The launch of RuffWork and FlexiWork is just the start of our biggest release ever. In the spring we will unveil more product families so we can offer a comprehensive range of the new generation of work trousers”, says Fritjof Henmark.

For further information, please contact
Fritjof Henmark, Assortment Manager Snickers Workwear
Mobile: +46 708 350 347

Published 01 September 2015.

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