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Snickers Workwear launches improved tool vest

Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

The new 4250 AllroundWork Tool vest from Snickers Workwear, provides fast and easy access to all your favourite tools whenever you need them. While keeping all the smart functions found on its predecessor, this upgraded version benefits from several new ergonomic features including improved ventilation.

Snickers Workwear now relaunch the popular tool vest offering more ergonomic features and improved ventilation.


The tool vest has a height-adjusting hook and loop fasteners on the shoulder straps to adjust the carrying height of the tool vest to the optimal comfort level. But to really ensure an ergonomic and comfortable usage, a lot of focus have been put on the shoulder straps and the belt.

"We have used wide shoulder straps and an adjustable belt so you can take the weight off your shoulders.”

“The ergonomic concept behind a tool vest is the same as for a backpack. We have used wide shoulder straps and an adjustable belt so you can take the weight off your shoulders,” says Sales Development Manager Henry Lundberg.


The vest is made of hardwearing yet extremely comfortable Dobby Pro Nylon-reinforced fabric. Featuring plenty of pockets, such as nail and tool pockets, front holster pockets with tool loops, easy-access angled rear holster pockets, breast pockets with a knife fastener and a padded cell phone compartment. All so the craftsmen can have easy access to their essentials.

Snickers Workwear launches new improved tool vest


The tool vest can easily be adjusted by a built-in expansion section on the front. This means it can be extended and worn over a t-shirt, sweatshirt or even the thickest of winter jackets.

“When you take down your tool vest from the hook, it can weight up to 10 kilos, so it has to be easy to put on. Even as a top layer if you wear multiple layers of clothing. For this reason, we have added a built-in expansion section on the front, making the tool vest an option for all seasons,” continues Henry.

The new tool vest is also available in a high-visibility version (4230).

Published 29 May 2018.

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