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A brand new collection of protective clothing – from the inside and out

Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

Snickers Workwear is now launching it's first collection of certified protective clothing. Thus, the company is a more complete supplier of workwear and protective clothing to the professional occupational categories that have very high demands on the final product.

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Already from the launch, Snickers has a complete range of protective clothing - the clothes are adapted for rain, sun, heat and cold, winter and summer. The garments in the collection are certified for various applications with focus on heat / flame, arctic cold, antistatic and visibility. The number of reported electric accidents increased last year, especially in mining and industry, this is shown in figures from the Swedish Electrical Safety Agency, which means that the investment is timely.

“Clothes should be functional under all weather conditions and for exposed occupational categories within, for example, energy and rail, it's crucial to get fit right from the inside and out. The importance of using the right protective clothing is obvious and in case of accidents it can reduce or eliminate burns and even deaths” said Per Wagnås, Manager for Protective Wear Offer and Operations at Snickers Workwear.

protecwork, protective wear, protective clothing


Snickers Workwear has been working hard since the acquisition of Puvab a year ago, a leading manufacturer of long-lasting and durable protective clothing. Intensive work now allows Snickers Workwear to launch 65 brand new models of protective clothing based on the best of Puvab's 30-year experience combined with Snickers' innovative design.

"With the knowledge and experience from Puvab, Snickers is now a complete brand. The first collection is highly thought out and modern, designed to suit the most important risk environments and to ensure a high level of protection in exposed work situations. We now take a big step with our protective clothing around ergonomics and fitting, the combination of the design and our highly regarded focus on high protection values are unique”, said Wagnås.

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Facts about Snickers Workwear Protective Clothing:

• Kevlar reinforcements on exposed parts, especially on legs and pockets.
• Equal pockets for left and right handles - fit both.
• Jackets with enhanced protection in the most injured areas.
• Consistently high levels of protection in all product areas.
• Washable at 60 degrees and tumble dry, garments and reflexes still have high visibility and same levels of protection after washing and drying.
• 100% inherent flame retardant embedded in the fiber and remains throughout the entire life of the garment.

protectwork, protective wear, protection clothing, snickers workwear

Published 17 October 2018.

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