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XTR D3O® Craftsmen Kneepads

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Flexible when working, stiffens on impact. Lasts twice as long as other kneepads. The revolutionary 9191 XTR D3O® Kneepads from Snickers Workwear take cutting-edge knee protection to a completely new level.

For active craftsmen.

The pioneering kneepads feature an advanced pre-bent design that combine a soft yet sturdy outside with high-tech and shock-absorbing D3O® material inside. Giving you extreme functionality and working comfort if you spend a lot of time working on your knees.

High-tech D3O® material. High-tech D3O® material.
D3O® is an active and specially engineered material made of intelligent molecules. They flow with you as you move, but on shock they lock together to absorb the impact energy.
High-frequency protection. High-frequency protection.
If you work a lot on your knees, going up and down on and off your knees many times a day, the 9191 XTR D3O® Kneepads give you by far the best knee protection available.
Long-lasting protection. Long-lasting protection.
The durable D3O® material features an extremely slow compression rate, ensuring that the kneepads keep their shape during hard work and over a long period of time.
Ergonomic design. Ergonomic design.
Knees are not flat. That's why the 9191 XTR D3O® Kneepads feature an ergonomic, pre-bent design that make the kneepad close around your knee when kneeling down.


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