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ProtecWork - Protective wear

Heat and flame protective wear designed for protection in high risk environments.

In order to offer the best heat and flame protective wear, Snickers Workwear has incorporated a leading brand on the Swedish market that boasts over 20 years of experience designing and developing protective wear for the energy and railway sectors. The result is a new collection that offers inherent heat and flame protection, excellent durability, great comfort and an ergonomic, modern fit.



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There’s a big difference between workwear and protective wear. Workwear exists to make your working day more comfortable and efficient, with handy features for tools, as well as protection against cold and rain. Protective wear exists to protect the wearer from serious risks such as heat, flames, electric arcs and hazardous chemicals, or to protect the product from the wearer.

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Protective standards

Personal Protective Equipment should protect against various hazards, such as heat, flame, electric arc and chemicals. And to guarantee that the products meet the protective requirements of specific work situations, our items conform to several EN and ISO standards. These European (EN) and international (ISO) harmonised standards regulate the overall design, materials and features.

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ProtecWork - Protective Wear: Railway

ProtecWork - Protective Wear: Power station