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Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

profilingWhen done right, company profiling pays off. It is a stamp of quality that says a lot about you and your company. It helps your company stand out, making it more distinct and recognised for the right reasons.

With Snickers Workwear you know that you are turning to the experts – offering a complete range of value adding services and product options. The right colours, customised embroidery and personalised packaging, just to name a few.

Contact us today for all the inspiring details.

Quality embroidery.

With embroidery you get quality with every stitch, but remember that words or symbols smaller than 5 mm can be difficult to read.

Our embroidery embodies quality with every stitch. Giving your workwear an image boost that stands out in all the right ways – for a long time to come.

At Snickers Workwear we only use high-quality threads to make sure your company logo stands out in the long run.


For a company-profiled fleece, embroidery is the obvious choice since heat-sealing might leave marks in the fabric.



With our advanced heat-sealing technique you get distinctive high-quality prints in the sizes and colours of your choice.


Heat-sealing is the best choice when profiling your company T-shirts. Count on high quality in any size and colour.


When profiling your waterproof garments, heat sealing is the way to go. If you prefer embroidery, we will tape the rear of the embroidery to make sure the garment retains its waterproof characteristics.

Reflective stripes.

We can sew additional reflective stripes onto your work trousers and jackets. A cost-efficient solution to boost your personal protection.

High-Vis profiling.

Profiling High-Vis garments is rather special. Excessively large logos may jeopardise the classification of the garment. For optimum and safe company profiling, please contact us for more information.

Personalised packaging.

ProfilingWhen you order a range of garments for all employees we have the perfect service for you: personalised packaging. That means everyone gets all his or hers garments in a package labelled with their name.

This facilitates easier internal distribution at your company and guarantees that everybody gets the right garments and the right sizes. Easy, convenient and personal.


For the ultimate in company profiling, don't hesitate to talk to our experts. They know what works best and can suggest a cost-efficient solution designed for you and your company.

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