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Sizes - Get the right size

Snickers Workwear - United Kingdom

Use our size generator to find out your size for 3-serie trousers, 6-series trousers and women's trousers. You can use both body and garment measurements.

You can also check our size charts (pdf) with body measurements.


Getting the right size

Measurements for…

Body: Waist width, horizontal at navel height
Garment: Place flat, measure across waistband X2

Body: Crotch to the sole of the foot
Garment: From crotch along inseam to bottom leg

Your size 296
Men's trousers 3XXX
Your size 236
Men's trousers 6XXX
Your size -
Women's trousers
Please note that the proposed size may vary between models. The best way to get optimal fit is to try them on for real.

How and what to measure

Carefully follow our measuring tips below to make sure you get the right size.

1. Get help from someone to take your measurements.
2. Take measurements dressed in body-tight underwear.
3. Measure tight against/around your body, but without the measuring tape being pulled so hard that it “cuts” in.
4. When measuring the inside leg, make sure the measuring tape is firmly extended.

Measure right to get the perfect fit for you

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