Protective clothing against liquid chemicals

EN 13034 iconEN 13034

Specifying the requirements for clothing offering limited protection against liquid chemicals, EN 13034 targets professions and situations in which the wearer relatively easily can step out from the risk environment and quickly remove the garment. Typical professions include truck drivers who drive gasoline transports and service technicians who occasionally handles lubricants, acids etc. For tougher environments with higher risks, higher protection garments are required.

The classification Type 6 refers to full chemical overalls whereas Type PB refers to partial body protection, for example jackets and trousers. The norm’s design requirements state that the garment should include no features that may collect liquid chemicals and hold them onto the fabric surface (such as unprotected pockets etc).

NOTE! Since liquid chemicals often are flammable, the user should wear antistatic clothing for optimal protection as well as flame retardent clothing. EN 13034, EN ISO 11612 and EN 1149 make a great combination for this purpose.