The most comfortable floorlayer trouser ever made

That was the challenge of the design and development team at Snickers Worwear when the project started one year ago. We got the opportunity to speak to Tord Modig one of a handful of Snickers Workwear testers who took part in the project.


Tord Modig

It was high time to get better knee protection

Tord Modig climbs up a steep ladder leaning against a house in Nacka outside of Stockholm. It’s obvious he’s done this many times before. He’s heading up to the top floor to lay particleboard as floor underlayment and then solid wooden flooring on top. The limp that he’d been left with after an accident at work and a fractured knee has finally disappeared. “I was kneeling, as usual, fitting a floor when I reached out for a tool, placed the weight of my body on one knee and then heard a cracking sound. The knee pad had shifted out of place and my knee cap cracked on a stone. That’s when I knew it was high time to get better knee protection.

Trying out the successor to the trousers

Tord had read on Instagram about Conny Johansson who, after working for 30 years as a floor fitter, had found trousers made by Snickers Workwear that were designed specifically for floor fitters. Crafted from a hard-wearing stretch fabric, these trousers incorporate knee protection that shapes itself to the wearer. Tord got in touch. A product developer at Snickers lighted upon their Instagram conversation and contacted Tord to ask if he’d be interested in trying out the successor to the trousers.

"This is my fifth month and I reckon they’ll last another 4 or 5 months. There’s still hardly a scratch on them."

So comfortable and lightweight

“I’ve been wearing the new floorlayer trousers every day now for 5 months. I’m astounded how they can be so comfortable and lightweight, yet robust enough to withstand the rigours of kneeling for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. I saw on the Snickers website that you should expect to replace your work trousers every six months when you’re constantly wearing them on the job and putting them through their paces. This is my fifth month and I reckon they’ll last another 4 or 5 months. There’s still hardly a scratch on them.”

Integrated belt with snap closure

Tord really appreciates features that make work easier and more comfortable. “I particularly like the integrated belt with its snap closure. You can adjust the size even when it’s buckled. Plus the knife pocket that ensures my most important tool is accessible whatever position I’m working in.”

Tord Modig

Age: 41

Where I live: Södertälje

Profession: 90% maintenance service in rental properties, replacing flooring and carpets

Place of work: Self-employed, Modig Golv & Fastighet

Hi there... Malin Enoksson

What are the garment's 5 best features?

Malin Enoksson, one of the product developers responsible for the floorlayer trousers points out the floorlayer trousers 5 best features.

  1. The advanced knee pad pouches crafted from stretch fabric and hard-wearing Kevlar that hold the knee pads in exactly the right position even when the wearer is moving about on their knees.

  2. All the smart pockets! For example, the easy-access holster pockets with taped zips, a reinforced pocket for screws and our new knife pocket.

  3. With their body-hugging design and pre-shaped legs, these trousers feel comfortable from the start. Thanks to the pre-shaped legs, the pockets shift exactly into the right place when you’re moving about.

  4. The sturdy Cordura reinforcements around the ankles and on the pockets.

  5. The integrated but removable belt with an easy-adjust polyamide buckle. It ensures superior waist fit and comfort. With these trousers, kneeling is almost a pleasure!