Our latest Sustainability Report

Our work with long-lasting durability affects all aspects of our business, as well as our entire value chain. Find out more about how we work within production, design, and collaboration to meet our sustainability targets.

It’s simple – the longer our clothes last, the less environmental impact they have. And that’s why we’ve made long-lasting durability the cornerstone of our sustainability efforts, as well as our entire business. Now that may mean we sell fewer products in the short term, but we believe it will make our business more viable in the long run. That’s because we think that the more sustainable our products are, the more people will want them. And that’s better for us, our communities, and our planet.

Now no matter how well-constructed our workwear is, we can’t make anything more durable than its weakest component. That’s why we invest heavily in innovation, development, and testing – so that we never have to compromise on quality, or sustainability. But even if much of our sustainability boils down to durability, we still have our work cut out for us. So we’ve divided our efforts into three interconnected arenas that cover our entire value chain.

Production How we behave as a company, setting standards for our suppliers to ensure that our clothing is made responsibly.

Design How we choose materials and design our clothes for long-lasting durability and hard-working functionality.

Collaboration How we team up with our partners and customers, working together to promote sustainable business practices and circular behaviour.

Hultafors Group Sustainability Report

Find out more about our sustainability efforts in our latest Sustainability Report.