Merino Wool Beanie

26.33 GBPRRP (excl VAT)

Soft and smooth beanie made of 100% merino wool. The wool material offers great durability and natural body temperature management.

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Black - 0400

Merino Wool Beanie

Soft and thin beanie made of a knitted merino wool fabric. Wool is a natural fiber and has antibacterial qualities due to the keratin. In addition, wool can absorb moisture and feels dry and warm even when wet. The garment offers a warm, smooth feeling and is a great choice for everyday use. The beanie comes with a tight fit and is perfect to wear underneath a helmet on cold workdays.

  • 100% mulesing-free merino wool with calander finish
  • Soft and durable material
  • Tight fit, can be worn underneath helmet
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Rubber badge at front